Welcome to Urban Anatomies Teleport WHAT • radio play • pop album • video • tools to walk within urban spheres HOW • choose a drift • go for a walk • listen with headphones • on your own or with somebody • you start when you start You’re done when you’re done • Let’s […]

MAPS 1-6

We started this project by using human anatomy books as maps. These videos are some kind of anatomies as well, found in a city. Or dates, or super stars, or new friends. Or anatomy maps. Yes! Use them as maps.


UAT – DRIFT 1 text UAT – DRIFT 2 text UAT – DRIFT 3 text UAT – DRIFT 1 full audio UAT – DRIFT 2 full audio UAT – DRIFT 3 full audio


Pietari Kärki – initiator, choreographer, facilitator, scripting, dramaturgy, writing, performingLeissi – pop music composition, performing, music production and mixingTarleena Laakko – dramaturgy, writing, performingRiikka Laurilehto – pedestrian expert, writing, performingOula Rytkönen – audio hunterer-gatherer, sound design, performingJussi Ulkuniemi – pedestrian expert, writing, performingVeera Snellman – pedestrian expert, writing, performingMaja Wilhite-Hannisdal – video art, writing, performing […]